Rockstar Teases Grand Theft Auto Fans with Three GTA V Vehicle Screenshots

Paul Lilly

There's still no word from Rockstar Games on when exactly it plans to launch Grand Theft Auto V, the fifteenth installment in the popular GTA series that was announced back in October of last year. In lieu of a release date, the rambunctious developers decided to drop a trio of screenshots on its blog, each one depicting a different type of vehicle you'll have the chance to pilot in the upcoming game.

Unfortunately, there isn't any commentary that accompanies the images, which show a bicycle, sports car (Cheeta), and a jet. Still, it will be enough to excite fans of the franchise, especially those anxious to take to the skies in GTA V piloting a high powered aircraft.

You can view the pics in high res glory on Rockstar's blog , and if you haven't already, take a peek at the GTA V trailer (embedded below).

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