Rockstar Drops First GTA:V Trailer

Brad Chacos

It’s a great time to be a gamer, but it sure is a hard time to be a gamer’s wallet. Not only did Battlefield 3 just launch last week, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim are due any day now – and time-deprived gamers may not have even finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution yet. Then Rockstar games tossed their hat into the ring with last week’s announcement that they would be releasing a trailer for GTA 5. Well, they just released it, and yes, it looks awesome. We’re heading back to Los Santos, folks.

If history is any indication, PC gamers may be heading back to San Andreas a bit after their console brethren, but we’re holding out hope that a PC version will be available at launch – whenever that is. The super-slick trailer is full of high production values and a dramatic voice-over in which some gravelly-voiced guy laments that he moved out to Los Santos to start being a good guy and “get out of that line of work.” Since this is a GTA game, he finishes his monologue with “Ah, well, you know how that goes” as a group of armed men hop out of a van and heavy music kicks in. Check it out for yourself above and wax nostalgic when the “Vinewood” sign pops up, then wander over to PC Gamer to read their list of the things they want to see in GTA:V . We have to agree: bring back bicycles!

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