Roccat's 'Tyon' Reveal is a Gaming Mouse with 16 Programmable Buttons



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That "fin" switch seems like a good idea -- until you realize that most people don't use a mouse with their knuckle over that area. You'll still have to lift one finger or the other off the primary buttons to use it. And 16.8M colors! Well, pull over the bling bus, eh?

Gimmicky mouse is gimmicky. Stick with a Logitech G700 and you will not be disappointed.



I really like the way their mice are designed. Really comfortable feel for people with larger hands. However, I don't much care for their software. The way you map keys to the buttons through macros was unreliable for me. I would map a gadget in battlefield to one of the mouse buttons. You would never know if it was going to work in game. Sometimes I would have to hit the same button like 3 times and then my med kit would finally drop. I'm only speaking of the Kone XTD as I have never tried their other mice. Some people seem to love them, but I returned mine. Never had that problem with Logitech or Razer software. If I map a key, it works just as reliably as my keyboard.



I've had a completely different experience than you and apathy. I absolutely love my Kone XTD though I don't really use the macro's and such. It fits my extra large hands perfectly and the mouse just looks cool. I've never had much luck with Logitech products, mainly because of software issues. My first keyboard I ever bought from them was returned within a day because of the software. My G930's are great when the software isn't bugging out on my PC. I'm def. looking forward to this mouse. More than likely i'm going to pick one up and check it out.