Roccat's First Mechanical Keyboard is Now Available in the U.S.



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Now we're talkin'. That's a very appealing option. This has nearly every feature I'd want except for an ergonomic layout.


John Pombrio

The nice thing about mechanical keyboards is that I can fix any keys which are acting up. My Corsair K90 had the 1 and 2 keys not always registering a press. I used tuner/cleaner on them but it did not fix them for long. I took the keyboard apart and unsoldered the keyswitches, swapping them for unused keys. Turns out that fixed the keyswitches issues as now all the switches work fine (solder/contact issue I guess). The hardest part was the LEDs which sit in a notch in the switch itself.
Mind you, I could have RMA the keyboard but I started fixing keyboards back in '81 with HP so I used those skills I never thought I would use again.



You may be the man that solves this quest.
Back in high school, many years ago, we had intel 386 or 486 hp vectra computers that came with the most wonderful keyboards. They seemed mechanical, had the nicest touch and sound, the keys were rectangular rather than squared and they were curved to match the shape of fingers. You think you can help me find one of those keyboards?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



I remember cleaning a lot of keyboards in the 80's on my ship. There are a lot of dirty keyboards on an aircraft carrier. I totally took it for granted how easy they were to disassemble. You could even solder new switches in, if needed. Try doing that on your notebook.


The Mac

LCD Screen, and individually controled multi-color backlighting, and id be all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake...