Roccat's Power-Grid App Turns Your Smartphone into a Remote for PC Gaming

Paul Lilly

A fully customizable peripheral you already own

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone these days, and if you're rocking an Android or iOS handset, you can turn your device into a handy gaming peripheral simply by downloading and installing Roccat's new Power-Grid app. The free app is currently in beta, and when used with accompanying host software, which runs on Windows, Power-Grid effectively turns your smartphone into a customizable remote for PC gaming, or just for navigating your PC.

You can use it to adjust Windows settings or perform in-game macro sequences in games like StarCraft II and League of Legends, Roccat says. It comes with various "Grids and Controls" to pull these things off, though you can create your own and then share them with other users.

"Power-Grid opens up a whole new world of opportunities for PC gamers. Finally you are able to connect your smartphone to your gaming environment – it just feels natural and makes perfect sense. Forget about inflexible solutions like keyboards with integrated displays; create your own command center and benefit from this innovative Roccat technology," Roccat CEO and founder René Korte said.

Power-Grid communicates with your PC via Wi-Fi, so commands from the phone are executed in real-time. In addition to using it as a remote, you can also use your smartphone as a secondary display.

Roccat doesn't know how long the program will be in beta, though it does promise to deliver a new range of gaming peripherals designed to benefit from the app's features sometime in 2014.

Find out more on the Roccat's Power-Grid page .

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