Roccat's First Mechanical Keyboard is Now Available in the U.S.

Paul Lilly

A full featured plank for gamers

German peripheral maker Roccat continues to extend its product catalog onto U.S. shores and has now made available stateside its first ever mechanical keyboard series. Roccat's Ryos lines of keyboards use Cherry MX black key switches (linear, medium stiffness, and non-clicky), which are preferred by some gamers for their smooth key action. One of the three keyboards (Ryos MK Pro) also features individually illuminated keys, allowing for some nifty effects.

If you wanted to, you could dedicate a section of the Ryos MK Pro's backlighting to coincide with your in-game character's health meter, to name one example of the possibilities. You could also configure certain keys to flash when you get hit by an object or enemy.

The Ryos MK Pro packs dual 32-bit ARM Cortex processors (the second processor handles the per-key illumination) and 2MB of flash memory to store over 500 macros. There are eight dedicated marco keys, including three thumbster keys.

Roccat's other two keyboards are the Ryos MK and Ryos MK Glow, the latter of which sports full backlighting in the color blue. Otherwise, they both are powered by an ARM chip, have 2MB of memory, dedicated macro keys, and the ability to interact with other Roccat devices via Easy-Shift[+] technology.

The Ryos MK and MK Glow are available now for $100 and $140, respectively. The Ryos MK Pro will be available in November for $170.

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