Roccat Teases Tyon Tool for FPS Gamers

Paul Lilly

Take a sneak peek of Roccat's Tyon ahead of its Computex 2014 unveiling

Fancy yourself a diehard FPS gamer? Gaming peripheral maker Roccat has something you might be interested in, but whatever it is, it won't be fully known until the full unveiling at Computex in Taipei this June 3-7, 2014. In the meantime, Roccat posted a teaser video of "Tyon," a new tool that's supposed to give FPS gamers more control and options in their FPS titles.

Here's Roccat's description:

"The Roccat Tyon, a new tool in the war for battlefield supremacy. An instrument custom designed to give FPS gamers more control, more options, and a dominant grip on every dimension of play. Land, sea, air -- the Tyon is engineered for complete command of the FPS world. Your opponents will know what hit them" Roccat says.

Your guess is as good as ours on this one -- Roccat's keeping tight-lipped on the details. It could be a software tool of some sort, or a new gaming peripheral.

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