Roccat Introduces Savu, a Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse with 4,000 DPI Sensor

Paul Lilly

Roccat's marketing mavens may have drank a gallon of Red Bull when typing up the press release for the company's new 'Savu' mid-size hybrid gaming mouse, a rodent "built to reign supreme as the new titan of optical sensor mice." Those are just some of the mighty big statements Roccat uses to describe the Savu, which wields a hefty 4,000 DPI optical sensor and supports the company's Easy-Shift[+] technology.

"The Savu is the planet’s premiere mid-size gaming mouse – period," says René Korte , Roccat Founder and CEO. "We packed it with not only world-beating speed and comfort, but with a slew of innovations designed to thrill. The Savu represents our continued dedication to giving gamers the exact gear to fit their every desire."

Towards that end, the Savu boasts a customizable lighting system with 16.8 million colors to choose from, a stats and trophy system (Roccat Achievements Display, or R.A.D.), lag-free gaming without any interpolation, seven programmable buttons, a perspiration resistant coating and side grips, macro manager, 20G acceleration, 1.8m braided USB cable, and other various bullet points.

The Savu will be available soon around the world for $60 MSRP.

Image Credit: Roccat

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