Rising Demand for Larger Screen E-book Readers May Cause Shortage in 2010

Paul Lilly

We're still not ready to declare e-book readers the second coming of netbooks (in terms of popularity), but there's no doubt the fad is taking off. And in 2010, demand for larger screen e-book readers measuring 9.7 inches is expected to soar up to 320 percent on year, says Digitimes Research.

Impressive? Sure. Concerning? Only if you're Prmie View International (PVI), who despite acquiring E Ink , the company behind the e-paper displays on the Kindle and Sony e-book lineup, earlier this year may face a capacity shortage and not be able to keep up with demand.

PVI chairman Scott Liu noted high demand for 9.7-inch e-book readers, and as such, his company will focus on shipments of larger-size 7-, 8-, and 9.7-inch e-book panels in 2010.

As for the readers themselves, Amazon's Kindle measures 6 inches, while the Kindle DX utilizes a 9.7-inch display. BenQ is expected to launch a 6-inch model in January 2010, followed by a 9-inch model in the second half of 2010.

Image Credit: Amazon

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