RIM's App World Numbers Not as Great as Reported

Ryan Whitwam

At RIM’s BlackBerry DevCon in Amsterdam today, new CEO Thorsten Heins made a bit of a splash by throwing out some statistics on BlackBerry App World. According to Heins, RIM’s app ecosystem is not in such bad shape after all. The problem is that the numbers were presented in a way that allowed misinterpretations, and that’s just what happened. Let’s clear that up really fast.

It was reported that App World was more profitable for developers than the Android Market or the App Store. What Heins actually said, was that a higher percentage of App World devs make over $100,000, 13% in all. This is what you would expect with a smaller pool of developers for users to buy from. The other number that caught people off guard was the assertion that there are 43% more daily downloads per app on BlackBerry than on iOS. This was reported as ‘43% more app downloads,’ but it’s only saying that each app is downloaded 43% more often. Again, this is what you would expect in a smaller app store with fewer choices.

Despite the fuzzy reporting, the numbers cited do at least show that App World isn’t withering on the vine. It’s not as big as the App Store or Android market, but developers can still make a living making BlackBerry apps. For how long we cannot say.

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