RIM Undeterred by Adobe's Announcement, Vows to Continue Developing Flash for PlayBook

Paul Lilly

Research In Motion wants to make it clear that it intends to keep supporting and developing Adobe Flash for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, even though Adobe itself is abandoning Flash on the mobile Web in order to "aggressively contribute to HTML5." Dan Dodge, President and CEO of RIM's QNX operations, announced RIM's continued commitment to Flash in a blog post.

"As an Adobe source code licensee, we will continue to work on and release our own implementations, and are looking forward to including Flash 11.1 for BlackBerry PlayBook," Dodge said .

Dodge spun Adobe's announcement into a positive for RIM by pointing out the bombshell announcement "further validates RIM's decision to launch the BlackBerry PlayBook with a full-powered and uncompromised desktop class browser supporting both Flash and HTML5."

Adobe announced yesterday it was ditching development of the Flash Player for mobile devices since HTML5 is now universally supported on most major mobile platforms, and "in some cases exclusively" (Apple products). Adobe will, however, continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations.

As for the PlayBook, Adobe's vice president and general manager for Interactive Development said "RIM has the ability to continue working on and releasing its own implementations of Flash Player 11 and beyond," if RIM so chooses.

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