RIM Drops an Estimated $100 Million to Buy NewBay

Maximum PC Staff

Research in Motion has been struggling lately to find a solid direction for it’s iconic Blackberry OS, but a recent acquisition might give us a few clues as to what the Canadian device maker has in store for the future. According to AllThingsD, RIM has dropped down an estimated $100 million to buy NewBay, a cloud-based media management service, which allows users to store and share pictures, videos, and anything else they’d care to broadcast.

NewBay’s flagship product is better known to handset junkies as LifeCache, and is featured prominently on phones offered by T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, AT&T, and Verizon. RIM’s strategy here differs again for the vast majority of their competitors who have settled around more established services such as Facebook and Twitter, and cloud products from Amazon and Google.

According to RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, it’s an interesting move, but RIM is still late to the game. “RIM is coming later to market than competitive offerings (may take another 6-12 months to be fully integrated) vs. Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s Cloud Drive and related services, and Google cloud apps,” he explains. “It’s not known yet whether RIM’s offering will match or lag the content and user experience of competitors.”

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