RIM Confirms More BlackBerry Issues, Currently Investigating Cause

Ryan Whitwam

Earlier today, RIM confirmed that some customers are experiencing delayed or disrupted BlackBerry services, and the company is looking into it . Even this small hint that RIM could be on the verge of another outage has some customers up in arms. Last month the maker of BlackBerry smartphones experienced a multi-day outage that affected almost all users of the devices. Today, reports of problems seem to be increasing again.

According to RIM, they believe the issue to be localized in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Though, the previous outage started a a local problem before spreading globally. Most of today’s reports are of emails going missing, or being severely delayed. This indicates a problem with the BlackBerry Email Servers, which serve all mail for Blackberry users.

RIM’s back end infrastructure made sense a few years ago, but with new push technologies and faster data connections, it is increasingly becoming a liability. If this incident turns out to be nothing, it will really serve to show how closely everyone is watching RIM, and perhaps expecting them to make another mistake.

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