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Modding to me typically means something aesthetic. Performance mods are fine, but to me there must be an aesthetic side to a mod or it's just not a mod. I don't consider overclocking actually modding for example. I consider it, well, overclocking. I don't really consider the basic installation a water cooling setup a mod these days either. I mean, typically it’s a kit you just slap on. No disrespect here, I understand it’s not always easy and has an element of fear and challenge to it, but if I considered that modding, I guess I would have to consider installing a hard drive as a form of modding. That just doesn’t fit my personal set of mod rules.

When a new MPC Forum member named Rigor decided to start a discussion on installing a water cooling setup in a pre-modded case in the modder’s section of MPC forums, I have to admit I nearly moved the thread to the hardware section of the forums. Hey, I'm polite, but really, water cooling discussions belong with hardware or overclocking - not modding - and it was a pre-modded case he was using - he wasn't even planning on doing anything to the actual case. In fact, he bluntly stated "The main concept is...DON'T mod the case itself." I mean, come-on….give me something to work with here; a new fan hole, UV paint, some kittens , anything! But Rigor did touched off my rules exception alarm in a big way. I had seen the case he was looking at before.

The pre-modded case in question is a CABE from Modd.it and really doesn't need any help. It’s a piece of art on its own. Yet, it is also a pretty tight case with little room for any "extras." Getting something like a water cooling kit in it would require a shoe horn. The maker of the CABE knew this when he challenged Rigor to do just that - put a water cooling setup inside the case. This folks would require true modding.

Rigor took the challenge head on it seems. He didn’t want to mod the case – his mod would be fitting a full water cooling setup in a case that couldn’t really take one. His work is of exceptional quality and ingenuity. This is no whimply water cooling setup like the rest of us might use with flexible vinyl or Tygon tubing snaking here, there, and everywhere through water blocks. Rigor is plumbing with brass and chromed steel. He's fabricating what he can't find. He's even cooling the hard drives with side rail cells.

I must humbly admit, I’ve been reminded again that the most important parts of the rules we tend to codify in our heads are the exceptions to them.

So, as you may have guessed, our bit of bling this week is Rigor's Mod Log .

Keep it up Rigor – and Happy Modding All!

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