Rig of the Month: Project FiveWood


Chris Cook comes from a long line of artists and explains that “it is this great gene pool that I am abusing here.” While Chris may make light of his own skills, it’s evident from these photos that he is  an able successor to his forebears.

Project FiveWood  utilizes nine types of wood, including mahogany, cherry, pine, and cedar. Chris’s goal was to create not a wooden shell but rather a case made entirely of wood­—without a single screw! This project took more than 350 hours to complete—not including design time­. We find the result well worth the effort.

The 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch drive bays were constructed three times—each iteration used a different type of wood

Although some people have questioned the rig’s thermal integrity, Chris asks, “Why would a wood case be hotter than an aluminum case? Designed properly, a wood rig would get no hotter than a standard machine.”

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