Rhapsody Surpasses 1 Million Paying Subscribers, Boss Shaves His Head

Paul Lilly

Rhapsody just went platinum. After a decade in the business, Rhapsody can finally celebrate amassing more than a million paying subscribers in the United States, which is still well short of Spotify's legion of 2.5 million paying subscribers worldwide, but it does qualify Rhapsody as the largest premium music subscription service in the U.S. To celebrate the occasion, Rhapsody boss Jon Irwin shaved his head, just as he promised he would.

"We've accomplished quite a bit over the past decade, so it's no small statement to say that 2011 was probably our biggest year yet," said Jon Irwin , president, Rhapsody. "I told our team that when we topped one million paid subscribers, I'd shave my head… it was probably the best free haircut I've ever had."

Rhapsody, which acquired Napster at the tail end of November, is now averaging more than 10 millions songs a day. It has a catalog of over 13 million songs accessible through more than 60 devices, more than any other subscription music service. One can only wonder what Irwin will do if Rhapsody catches up with Spotify's worldwide numbers. In the meantime, GeekWire has the before and after shots of Irwin's haircut here .

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