Revisit David Gerrold's Maximum PC Columns in Low Cost Kindle Edition

Paul Lilly

David Gerrold's perception and vision of the past, present, and future of technology

Sci-Fi author and former Maximum PC contributor David Gerrold needs no introduction, though if you've been cryogenically frozen for the past 50 years and find yourself just now getting up to speed on what's happened during your conscious absence, Gerrold is quite the accomplished writer. He's written episodes for the original Star Trek series, worked as a story editor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, penned the Star Wolf trilogy, and much, much more. Gerrold also used to contribute technology columns to Maximum PC magazine , and if you missed them (or want to revist), he's made them available on Amazon in Kindle form.

The Kindle edition of Maximum Gerrold: Thoughts on Technology and the Future runs $2.99, and if you're a subscriber to Amazon's Prime service, you can borrow it for free.

Inside you'll find 63 columns running the gamut from spam and the history of floppies, to super phones and Windows 8, plus everything in between and sideways. Several of the columns included in the e-book haven't been posted online.

In any event, if you'd like to show Gerrold some love, head over to Amazon and grab a copy .

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