Retired Music Theorist Concocts Krush Keyboard So Everyone Can Type 100 WPM or More

Paul Lilly

Built for comfort and speed

There have been many attempts to replace QWERTY keyboards with more efficient layouts, some of which are in use today. However, QWERTY is by far the most common type of layout available, though will that always be the case? Joseph M. Krush, a retired music theorist, hopes his Krush keyboard will become the new standard. The reason he hopes this is because he claims it enables most people to type at 100 words per minute, while the fastest typists should hit 200 WPM or more.

His keyboard introduces four new features, the most important of which is a 12x3 layout. The 12 most commonly used letters lay in the home row, and the next 12 lay in the row above. This allows 99.8 percent of typing to be done in these two rows, Krush says.

There's also a Double Shift key located where the Spacebar would normally sit.

"This key has enabled me to eliminate the entire top row of the current keyboard by placing the digits, and their shift position symbols, in the home row, and in the row above, respectively," says Krush.

Typing speed isn't the only benefit. Krush's keyboard is optimized for comfort as well, and the people who will benefit the most are those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, Krush claims.

Intrigued? Krush is currently seeking $9,000 in funding on FundaGeek to turn his keyboard into a reality. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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