Resizing OS Partition


I am getting an HP TouchSmart tx2z Tablet PC in the next couple of weeks for college. However, I need to install Windows XP on it, as it’s a requirement for the engineering software I will be using. Is it possible to repartition the hard drive and still keep the copy of Vista that comes preinstalled? If so, how would I do it? I don’t want to pay for a laptop with Vista on it, just to lose it for XP. Especially with Windows 7 right around the corner.

—Andrew Muscha

Andrew, if your school requires XP, you’d better get a different computer. HP’s support site doesn’t have any XP drivers for the TouchSmart tx2z. But the company may have a similar tablet with XP support—you should call HP and see.

Once you get a computer that supports XP, you can shrink your hard drive partition and install Windows XP in the free space. Vista’s Partition Manager can do that, as can third-party apps like EASEUS Partition Master ( ). When you’ve got the space, boot from your XP install disc and install it to the empty partition. Use your Vista repair disc afterward to restore your boot manager, and you’ll be dual-booting in no time!

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