Reset Laptop BIOS Password


I have an HP Pavilion zv5001us laptop that is about six years old. It has a Phoenix BIOS, if I remember correctly. Whenever I try to access the BIOS, the computer prompts me for a password. I forgot the password and don’t know how to get around it. Thanks.

—Vincent Gonzalez

Yikes, Vincent. On a desktop PC, all you need to do to reset a BIOS password is clear the CMOS, either using the CMOS jumper or by removing the CMOS battery. But it’s different on a laptop—some have accessible batteries and some don’t. We searched the zv5001us repair manuals and HP’s support site and couldn’t find a way to reset the BIOS settings without going into the BIOS itself. You’ll probably have to talk to HP directly. You can always try the default Phoenix BIOS password, which is “phoenix” (without the quotes), but there’s no guarantee it will work.

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