Researchers Discover 673 Million Browser Users at High Risk of Attack


You wouldn't take a knife to a gun fight, and nor should you do battle with internet baddies using an unsecured browser. Yet despite what should seem obvious, a group of researchers found that surfers are doing just that, and hackers couldn't be happier about it. During the study, the authors discovered a whopping 45 percent of users (roughly 637 million surfers) hopping online not using the most secure web browser version available, making them " an easy target for drive-by download attacks as they are potentially vulnerable to known exploits ." And that data doesn't even include potentially vulnerable plug-ins.

But are users the ones to blame for putting themselves at risk? Ultimately yes, however the researchers made comparisons to the food industry arguing that browsers should display an expiration date, such as " 145 days expired, 3 updates missed. " Nom nom nom.

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