Research Firm Expects All-in-One PC Shipments to Decline in 2014



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They'd sell better if some of the suck could be engineered out of them. Otherwise, it's just an underpowered, obsolete rig the day you buy it new. If gaming notebooks can kick ass, so can these things.


Peanut Fox

Don't most of them use notebook parts anyways?



Do they use the nice GPUs? Or integrated suckage? I see LOTS of integrated suckage. Wanna pay two grand for integrated suckage? Here's the link, enjoy:

It's one of those "Do we really need this?" form factors. Maybe great for some folks with limited space or those particular about a certain aesthetic. But otherwise wildly impractical from a price/performance standpoint. Seriously, think of the laptop or desktop you could have for two grand.



I think this is a case of a strawman argument, but eh.

Oh look, an AIO that's more reasonably priced. And you're not thinking of most computer users, who don't do heavy gaming and could care less about a discrete GPU. And I can see for many people, an AIO is better than a desktop if they don't want a laptop. All it really requires is you to hook up three cables at most, instead of five for a full desktop. Among other things like they don't need to find the space for a desktop and monitor.

Just because you don't think they're worthwhile doesn't mean most people think they aren't.



I hope all-in-one PCs stick around. I have two at home, a Lenovo for work and an MSI for gaming, and they're nice setups. Also, I know people who are perfect candidates for low-end AIOs, as they just need a home machine for email and web surfing.

I am especially impressed with Lenovo's hardware. The screen and components rival an iMac for quality, looks and performance.

The MSI AIO system is a great gaming setup because is saves space while still allowing for some great hardware. It's also semi-portable, because it uses the "large tablet" form factor.