Research Report Shows Desktop Graphics Shipments Continue to Rise

Paul Lilly

GPU market showing signs of a recovery

The analytical folks at Jon Peddie Research (JPR) say there's evidence to show the graphics market may have bottomed out and is now slowly recovering , though cautioned it's still a bit premature to make any concrete determination. That said, graphics shipments increased 1.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, which is the second quarter in a row that shipments have been up sequentially.

That also outpaces the -2 percent 10-year average change for graphics shipments for quarter-to-quarter, JPR says . Included in those figures are discrete and integrated graphics (CPU and chipset) for desktops, notebooks, and netbooks, PC-based commercial (such as POS), industrial/scientific, and embedded applications. Not included are handhelds (mobile phones), x86 servers, or ARM-based tablets, though JPR does factor in x86-based tablets and x86-based Chromebooks.

AMD saw mixed results for the quarter. It's desktop APU shipments jumped an impressive 15 percent sequentially, but declined 26.7 percent in notebooks, JPR says. Its discrete desktop shipments increased 1.8 percent while notebook discrete shipments fell 6.7 percent. Overall, AMD's PC graphics shipments declined 10.4 percent partly as a result of being "late with its new parts," JPR says.

Rival Nvidia saw its desktop discrete shipments rise 3.6 percent sequentially, its notebooks discrete shipments go up 3.2 percent, and its overall PC graphics shipments rise 3.4 percent.

Intel, which leads the graphics market with a 65.1 percent stake (versus 18.3 percent for AMD and 16.6 percent for Nvidia), benefited from from a 5.1 percent increase in overall PC graphics shipments.

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