Report: Pre-Release Testing of Office for Android Tablets to Commence Soon



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Microsoft Partner here, and Developer, BlueHat, and much more...

I would like to express sincere disappointment in this one. From my professional background I would strongly NOT suggest getting this Microsoft Office program for Android. Nor would I suggest getting Microsoft Office as an "app" for Ipad.

Simply read the existing *Terms Of Service* on items such as Office for iPad... After all, it is supposed to be called OFFICE. Does the word OFFICE have anything to do with work?

Not if you have Office for iPad. Because under that Office for iPad T.O.S. one cannot use any of that Office program in any type of Office (or work) environment.

Use it just once, even in a contributing towards one document, and one is clearly violating the TOS. Not sound all that bad, watch what happens afterwards.

Expect a similar TOS for Android.