Report: Windows 8 To Launch In October With Limited ARM Availability

Brad Chacos

In case you haven't heard, Windows 8 is coming. To be a little bit more specific, most analysts think it's coming later this year -- sometime in the fall, actually. Now we've got something more than vague speculation to back that up. Reporters from Bloomberg talked to anonymous "people with knowledge of the schedule" who claim that Windows 8 is on pace to be wrapped up this summer and launched in October , complete with a lineup of both ARM- and x86-based devices.

The same sources say you shouldn't expect Windows 8 ARM tablets to flood the streets right at launch; the same sources says that ARM devices will have less availability than x86 devices because Microsoft is keeping an iron fist clenched around the number and quality of ARM offerings.

If it's true, the new operating system would be in prime position to take advantage of the holiday rush and IDC could actually be proven correct about Windows 8 and Ultrabooks giving PC sales a shot in the ARM this year.

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