Report: Upsurge in Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Paul Lilly

According to the Security Labs Report released by M86 Security Labs, advanced cyber attacks are both on the rise and becoming ever more sophisticated in nature.

There are a number of new attack methods cropping up that are all designed to better infiltrate organizations, including one called a "combined attack." A combined attack works by splitting the code between the JavaScript and Adobe ActionScript languages, which makes it far more difficult to detect.

"We're seeing that as one way the attackers are specifically trying to get around some of the security technologies in the marketplace," said Bradley Anstis, vice president of technology strategy at M86.

Also in the report was a list of the top 10 countries hosting malicious code, with the U.S. topping the list at 43.3 percent. In a distant second was China with 14.1 percent, followed by Russia and Germany with 4.1 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.

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