Report: Ultrabooks To Own 43 Percent Of Laptop Market By 2015

Brad Chacos

Ultrabooks may be the thin, attractive and powerful MacBook Air alternatives Intel and its manufacturer buddies hoped they would be, but as comparable as they are to Apple’s ultraportable laptop, they haven’t exactly been flying off the shelves. As we reported on Halloween, Acer and Asus are both reporting Ultrabook sales well under initial expectations . But wait! Don’t write off the Ultrabook just yet – one analytical firm thinks Ultrabooks will account for nearly half of all laptop sales by 2015.

By “nearly half,” we mean 43 percent – a big, big increase over the 2 percent share Ultrabooks currently hold. IHS iSuppli expects that number to grow rapidly , to 12 percent in 2012, 28 percent in 2013, and 38 percent in 2014 before finally settling in to that hefty 43 percent slice in 2015. As impressive as that sounds, it's a far cry from Intel's ultra-aggressive Ultrabook predictions. The chip maker expects Ultrabooks to account for 40 percent of all notebook sales as early as next year.

With Ultrabooks priced at around $1,000 a pop, market share that big could dump a lot of cash in Intel’s pockets. ISuppli says that it isn’t just Intel that would make out like a bandit if Ultrabooks hit it big. “Ultrabooks require a comprehensive bill of materials, so companies focused on memory, logic and power management all would participate in the revitalization of demand,” Len Jelinek, a semiconductor research director and analyst at IHS said in the company’s press release.

So what do you folks think? Are Ultrabooks overpriced performance laptops that only advertisers care about, or could they actually be poised to assume the crown as the laptop of the future?

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