Report: The PC Market Will Continue to Grow

Ryan Whitwam

At the recent D8 conference, Steve Jobs said the PC industry would be minimized in favor of touchscreen devices. Well, if it's going to happen, it isn't happening yet. Forrester Research has just released some new projections showing strong future growth across the PC industry; tablets included. Their report says that over the next five years, PC sales will increase by 52%. The only category of computers set to see a decline is the venerable desktop PC.

Forrester also points out the increases in sales of tablets will likely cannibalize netbook sales, bypassing them in 2012. The report claims that tablets will account for 23% of computing device sales by 2015. While the desktop may be declining in 2015, Forester claims they will still be used by more consumers than any other variety of computer. If Forrester is correct, we can all cling to our desktops for just a little longer.

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