Report: Pre-Release Testing of Office for Android Tablets to Commence Soon

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft is on the lookout for private beta testers

The lack of tablet-optimized apps has for long been a major source of frustration among Android tablet owners. What’s worse, even Android’s emergence as the overwhelming leader in the tablet market has done little to alleviate this shortcoming, with even some big-name developers refusing to offer tablet-optimized versions of their apps for the platform. Well, Microsoft is willing to help.

The Redmond-based software company, which earlier this year released a dedicated version of its highly lucrative Office productivity suite for the Apple iPad, is currently busy building a dedicated version of Office for Android tablets . According to The Verge , the company is now on the lookout for private beta testers to put Office for Android tablets through its paces. Interested companies and individuals can apprise Microsoft of their interest in joining the program through the company’s SharePoint site.

If recent reports are to be believed, Office for Android tablets could end up releasing ahead of a similar touch-friendly version for Windows, which is expected to release sometime during early 2014.

Image Credit: oketekno

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