Report: PC Market not Expected to Rebound Until Late 2010

Paul Lilly

If you thought things were already ugly for the PC market, brace yourself for it to get even worse in the coming months, says Gartner. According to the analyst firm, the PC supply chain will have "bottomed out" this quarter and then remain at a low level for several more quarters. Gartner says a sustainable recovery isn't expected until Q3 2010, but warns against getting too excited.

"We caution against interpreting such surges as signs of recovery, as full recovery is unlikely until demand in mature markets picks up," Gartner said in a note .

By the end of the year, the firm predicts PC sales will have fallen 11.9 percent to 257 million computers, marking the biggest fall ever. Desktop sales are expected to drop a whopping 32 percent from last year, with laptops on the rise by 9 percent.

Gartner also said that although PC vendors will see a boost in the third quarter as they prepare for back-to-school and holiday seasons, they could still be in for a "disastrous fourth quarter' if they over estimate the demand in mature markets.

Anyone else feel as though someone must have taken a tinkle in Gartner's Wheaties?

(Image Credit: Flickr Qole Pejorian)

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