Report: Office 15 to Feature 'Touch Mode'

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft reached a key milestone in the development of its popular Office productivity suite when it launched the “Office 15” Technical Preview Program late last month. At this stage, Office 15 (codename) is being tested by “a select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements.” However, not everyone seems to be complying with the NDA.

One such person with access to the technical preview recently shared an image of the preview version of Word 15 with noted Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley. The image reveals the presence of a button for enabling something called “touch mode.” While this button is said to be nonfunctional at the moment, Foley’s unnamed contact told her that the aim is to let the user switch to a much more touch-friendly UI as and when needed. Of course, it seems to be the only logical explanation for the presence of a “touch mode” button in Office 15 apps.

This button is also visible in a number of screenshots of the technical preview versions of various Office 15 apps that were posted on tech blog The Verge on Thursday, but was overlooked until Foley wrote about it the next day.

Image Credit:ZDNet

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