Report: Nuance Acquiring Swype Keyboard for $100 Million

Ryan Whitwam

According to Uncrunched, Nuance has acquired mobile text input company Swype for a whopping $100 million. The deal has not been announced, but Arrington claims to have a source close to the matter, and this would be a match made in phone keyboard heaven. What does this mean for users of Swype?

Swype has been a huge hit on Android devices for the past year or two in beta form. The main business model of Swype has been to sign deals with OEMs to get their software pre-loaded. Users of phones without that access have been able to use the free beta, which is actually updated more often. Nuance is known mostly for voice input, but their T9 keyboard for Android does have a gesture system like Swype, it’s just not very good.

It’s unclear if Nuance will keep the Swype product alive, or if the technology will simply be rolled into the Nuance products. Any Swype users out there feeling a bit worried?

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