Report: Microsoft's June 18 Event to Center on Windows RT Devices

Pulkit Chandna

Microsoft is gearing up to enter the ARM-based media tablet market. All its hopes rest on how well Windows RT (Windows on ARM) is received by users. At this moment, though, it’s far too early to even speculate about the kind of response that awaits Windows RT-based tablets. But if a new report is to be believed, we’re likely to have a good enough idea come Monday.

Microsoft is set to make a “major announcement” at a special event in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18, 2012. Though the press invitation for the event is mum on the exact nature of the announcement, an All Things D report citing sources “outside the company” claims that the Redmond-based company plans to showcase devices running Windows RT at the event.

Expected to debut at the same time  as Windows 8, Windows RT is an ARM-friendly version of the popular desktop operating system. It won’t support legacy x86 applications, but only those apps that are developed using Windows Runtime. Recent rumors suggest Windows RT licenses will cost OEMs anywhere between $85-95, leading many to cast serious doubts over Windows RT’s chances in the tablet race.

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