Report: Majority of Windows Users Still Run XP

Paul Lilly

It apparently doesn't matter how good Windows 7 is -- and it's really frakking good -- XP users are reluctant to part with the OS that helped them make it through the Vista era unscathed. The usage numbers vary , but the conclusion's the same: most Windows users are still rocking out with XP.

According to new market share data by Net Applications, XP's market share sits at 60.03 percent, down slightly from 60.89 percent one month prior. Vista, meanwhile, fell from 14 percent to 13.35 percent, while Windows 7 moved upwards from 15.85 percent to 17.10 percent.

Going by Net Applications' figures, Windows 7 has only posted a net gain in market share in three months since it was released in October 2009, and actually lost nearly 1.5 percentage points in the past 11 months. During that same time frame, Windows XP dropped around 10.5 percentage points.

StatCounter's data shows a slightly more even playing field with Windows XP claiming 54 percent of the Windows market, Windows 7 at 22 percent, and Vista at just over 16.5 percent.

What OS(es) are you running?

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