Report: Majority of Fortune 500 Companies Possibly Infected with Botnets

Paul Lilly

Think Fortune 500 companies are on the ball? Think again. According to a startling RSA study released this week, as many as 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies might be affected by botnet activity .

As frightening as that sounds, RSA stands behind those numbers. Sean Brady, manager of the Identity Protection and Verification Group at RSA, says his firm analyzed data stolen by the Zeus botnet from compromised PCs in August. The evidence they found led them to IP addresses and email accounts belonging to the U.S.'s top corporations.

"Domains individually representing 88 percent of the Fortune 500 were shown to have been accessed to some extent by computers infected by the Zeus Trojan," the study said.

It also appears that the smaller company, the higher the threat. The study noted a higher ratio of botnet activity to employee accounts in companies with fewer than 75,000 employees.

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