Report: Launch of Intel's Cedar Trail-M Platform Delayed Further

Pulkit Chandna

Originally scheduled for sometime during the third quarter, the launch of Intel’s next-generation “Cedar Trail” Atom chips was pushed back to November owing to driver issues and the chip maker’s failure to secure WHQL certification for them. We have almost come to the end of the month and there is no sign of the Cedar Trail-M platform yet. But not everyone is clueless.

Our friends over at VR-Zone have a very simple explanation for Cedar Trail’s absence from the market. According to the site, the Cedar Trail-M platform has been delayed further, with its launch not expected to happen in time for the holidays. Intel is now said to be targeting a late December launch. Of course, actual products will only start arriving early next year in such an eventuality.

Given the current plight of netbooks, do you think Intel should even bother with these chips?

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