Report: Kindle Owners Smarter, Richer than iPad Owners

Paul Lilly

Here's a riddle for you. How is it that Amazon's Kindle, with pricing as low as $140, is owned by people who make more money than owners of Apple's iPad, which starts out at $500? Perhaps because Kindle owners are smarter than their iPad toting brethren, too. Oh snap!

We're not hating on iPad owners, we're just repeating the findings by market research firm Nielsen. According to Nielsen, 45 percent of Kindle owners make over $80,000 per year, compared to 39 percent of iPad owners and 37 percent of iPhone owners.

Going by the numbers, Kindle owners also tend to be more educated, with over a quarter (27 percent) having earned their Master's degrees or doctorates, Nielsen says.

So who's rushing out to buy all these iPads? Younger folk, who perhaps haven't had a chance to earn their higher degrees or make oodles of money. About 63 percent of iPad owners are under the age of 35 versus 47 percent of Kindle owners. And for what it's worth, iPad owners are more receptive to advertising than owners of other digital devices.

More numbers to chew on here .

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