Report: Intel's Ivy Bridge-powered NUC Mini PC to Cost $400

Pulkit Chandna

First at PAX East and then at the inaugural Intel Platinum Summit in London, a diminutive PC designed by Intel managed to get a lot of eyeballs back in April. Dubbed “Next Unit of Computing” by Intel, this small PC stood out due to both its small size and powerful entrails. At 4x4”, it lies somewhere between the Raspberry Pi and traditional mini-desktop PCs, but has just about enough space for powerful Ivy Bridge innards.

When it introduced the NUC, Intel said that it had been designed with kiosks and digital signage in mind. However, according to , the world’s largest chipmaker has decided to extend the concept to the consumer market owing to the huge amount of interest it’s managed to generate. The first retail adaptations of the NUC concept will reportedly arrive later this year.

According to the site, the very first NUC-based PC will retail for $400 and pack a Core i3  “Ivy Bridge” processor, 4GB of RAM, a 40GB mSATA SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, three USB 2.0 ports and two HDMI-out ports. A bit further down the road, we could even see yet more powerful variants featuring Core i5/i7 processors, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. And for good measure, Intel is also said to be considering a Celeron-based variant.

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