Report: Intel To Delay Cedar Trail-M Netbook Platform, Atom CPUs

Brad Chacos

People talk about tablets signaling the death of PCs – heck, look at HP shopping around its PC operation if you want a hot, fresh example – but the segment that's really getting kicked in the family jewels are netbooks. The iPad and its Android brethren have just decimated netbook sales. Intel may be delivering another bit of bad news for the small-form laptops; reports say the chip maker's delaying the launch of the new Cedar Trail-M netbook platform and pushing back the release of its new Atom CPUs.

Cedar Trail-M was originally supposed to ship next month, but DigiTimes and its as always anonymous sources say that graphics driver problems and delayed Windows 7 certification has lead Intel to push back the launch date back until November. The Cedar Trail-M platform includes two new Atom CPUs (the N2800 and N2600) that pack integrated GPUs and DirectX 10.1 support.

The netbook-friendly Atom D2700 and D2500 CPUs are also rumored to have been pushed back to November. DigiTimes' sources don't seem to think the delays are a big deal, since netbooks aren't really selling and AMD offers netbooks with similar capabilities. To be honest, we'd kind of forgotten about Cedar Trail-M thanks to all the Ultrabook news Intel's tossing around these days.

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