Report: Intel Only Delaying Dual-Core Mobile Ivy Bridge Chips

Pulkit Chandna

Last week, a Digitimes report citing unnamed sources from notebook vendors claimed that Intel had decided to postpone mass shipments of Ivy Bridge chips, and that its partners had already been apprised of the change in shipment plans. But now a new report has come out claiming that the extent of the delay in Ivy Bridge chip shipments is not as significant as has been rumored elsewhere

Intel doesn’t intend to tinker with the original release schedule of Ivy Bridge chips, according to VR-Zone , beyond holding back dual-core Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs for sometime. This delay in the shipment of dual-core mobile parts is said to be due to “too much stock of Sandy Bridge [processors] in the channel.” The first dual-core mobile processors are now expected to hit the market sometime in May at the earliest.

While the article itself did not cite any sources, its author LG Nilsson did claim in the comments section that the information was straight from the horse’s mouth. But if this report is correct, Intel’s Ivy Bridge release plans remain largely unchanged, with no impact whatsoever on desktop chips.

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