Report: IBM's Eight-Core Power7 Chip to Come Clocked at 4GHz


British tech news site The Register claims to have taken a peek at some IBM internal documents detailing the company's upcoming Power7 chip. If the report holds true, the new chips will sport eight cores per processor and some "very, very large IBM boxes based on the chip."

It gets even better. According to the report , the internal documents show the octocore Power7 being arranged in dual-chip modules, or 16 cores per module. That translates to a combined 256 gigaflops of performance, roughtly twice as much as today's Power6 parts. Still haven't satiated your server fetish? Picture four of the Power7 processor in a 2U system, which equates to 64 cores hitting 2 teraflops. Mmmm.

The Register says IBM will ship the 45nm Power7 processors clocked at 4GHz in 2010.

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