Report: HTC Had Plans for a 12-inch Windows RT Tablet

Pulkit Chandna

Project canceled due to fear of failure

HTC planned to enter the thinly populated world of Windows RT tablets with a 12-inch tablet, a new report claims, but eventually decided against it as fear of failure set in. It might still have enough confidence in Microsoft’s ARM-friendly OS to try its hands at a more conventional form factor, though.

The decision to scrap plans for a 12-inch Windows RT tablet was, according to a Bloomberg report citing unnamed sources, taken in light of the tablet’s high cost and platform’s lack of popularity. Nonetheless, the sources claim, HTC hasn’t given up on Windows RT altogether.

Instead, it now reportedly plans to launch a 7-inch Windows RT tablet around September or October. And, perhaps just to ensure that all its eggs are not in one basket, HTC is also said to be planning another 7-incher, albeit one that runs Android.

Many in the tech industry are of the view that smaller, sub 10-inch Windows 8/RT tablets can help Microsoft turn a corner in the tablet market. Although Microsoft made a number of changes to allow sub 10-inch tablets back in March, most vendors are waiting for the release of Windows 8.1 Blue update, which is expected to bring with it a number of features conducive to such tablets when it is released later this year.

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