Report: Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for a Windows 7 Service Pack

Paul Lilly

SMBs playing it cautious and waiting for Microsoft to release a Service Pack before making the leap to Windows 7 might want to get cozy. It's true that a recently discovered Registry Key would seem to indicate the OS's first update isn't too far off on the horizon, but according to The Register , don't expect one to "rock up any time soon."

Here's where a little bit of a history lesson is in order. Vista, by most accounts, came busted out of the box. And not just minor niggles, but piss-poor file transfer performance and a bunch of other performance hampering bugs, not to mention various stability woes. Despite limping out of the hyped-up gate, it was still 14 months before Vista's first Service Pack emerged.

While Microsoft has shown a desire not to make the same mistakes with Windows 7, the Redmond outfit has already succeeded in doing so, at least for the most part. Windows 7 doesn't exhibit the same problems Vista had, so it's hard to imagine Microsoft would be in any hurry to pump out a collection of updates.

"Our Partners are also excited for Windows 7, demonstrating fantastic ecosystem support. As of today, there are more than 800,000 unique apps and 238,000 unique devices that work great with Windows 7. That's more than a million reasons to choose Windows 7," said Microsoft's Brandon Le Blanc in a blog post.

So when exactly when the first Service Pack hit the Web? "There is currently no news around this at the moment," a Microsoft spokesman told The Register.

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