Report: Desktop Vendors "Pessimistic" About Chrome OS

Pulkit Chandna

Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS was seen as a threat to Windows by some (highly excitable) people when the search giant first talked about it in 2009. This was especially thought to be a possibility where the limited computing needs of the less tech savvy were concerned. That threat, however, never materialized. But Google isn’t ready to give up yet. It’s now trying to convince PC vendors to begin selling desktops with the cloud-based OS.

According to Digitimes , Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt encouraged PC vendors to use Chrome OS for desktop PCs in a recent speech in Taiwan. However, PC vendors don’t seem too keen on the whole idea due to the disappointing demand for Chromebooks. The report, which does not name any of the PC vendors involved, says vendors are demanding greater “resources and support” from Google.

Digitimes sources claim that Acer Cromia 700 Chromebook sales stood at just 5,000 units at the end of July - a month after Chromebooks made their debut. It further claims that Samsung experienced “even lower sales than Acer.”

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