Report: Chip Industry Posts Best Month Ever

Paul Lilly

Another sign that the tech recession is finally subsiding, worldwide semiconductor sales continue to grow and have never been higher than they were in April, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

SIA's numbers have global chip sales checking in at $23.6 billion in April 2010, a 2.2 percent increase from one month prior when sales hovered around $23.1 billion.

"Global sales of semiconductors grew at a healthy rate in April, surpassing the previous monthly record level of November 2007," said SIA president George Scalise. "As expected, both the year-on-year and sequential growth rates moderated slightly. The unusually high year-on-year comparison is a reflection of the trough of the recession in early 2009 compared to strong demand today."

According to Scalise, the worldwide adoption of 3G wireless communication played a big in the industry's growth, as did the consequent investment in infrastructure and recovery of demand from the enterprise, automotive, and industrial sectors.

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