Report: China Home to Over 500 Million Netizens

Paul Lilly

That fact that China is home to more Internet users than ever before isn't surprising, but the rate of growth at which people in China are hopping on the Web is simply staggering. A report by the state-run China Internet Network Information Center says the number of people using the Web topped half a billion, rising 12 percent in December to 513 million people, to be precise.

The report also focuses on "weibo" sites, which are microblogging portals similar to Twitter. Almost half of all Web users logged into weibo sites in 2011, a 63 percent increase over 2010, the report said, according to eWeek .

Numbers are up across the board, including those that relate to accessing the Web through mobile devices (up 17.5 percent to 356 million) and from rural areas (up 8.9 percent to 136 million). This widespread rapid growth presents a challenge for China's leaders as the country continues to try and reign users in and censor the Web.

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