Report: ARM-based Windows 8 Notebooks to Arrive in mid-2013

Pulkit Chandna

Windows 8 will be the first version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system to support ARM-based chips. When you’re asked to imagine ARM-based devices running Windows 8, isn’t it hard to think beyond tablets? But that is not the case with NVIDIA and Qualcomm, who are said to be banking on the Windows on ARM (WoA) platform to make a dent in the notebook market.

According to Digitimes , its sources at notebook vendors have revealed that although WoA platform will debut with tablets in late 2012, notebooks featuring ARM chips and running Windows won’t arrive anytime before June the following year.

ARM SoC vendors like NVIDIA and Qualcomm are said to “already aggressively cooperating with notebook players such as Asustek Computer and Lenovo and are set to launch WoA-based notebooks to test the water in mid-2013 with expectations to see the platform take off in 2014 and further grab share from Wintel in 2015 to become the second platform of the notebook market,”

Its sources identified lack of support for PC software - Windows on ARM will not support any existing x86 software - and ensuring “cooperation with notebook vendors” as the biggest challenges facing these companies.

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