Report: Android Smartphone Shipments Skyrocket 886 Percent

Paul Lilly

According to Canalys, a technology analyst firm primarily based out of the U.K., Google has reason to gloat. That's because Google's Android platform is making enormous strides in the smartphone market, with shipments of Android-based smartphones having grown a whopping 886 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2010.

"The latest release of our detailed and complete country-level smart phone shipment data for Q2 2010 clearly reveals the impressive momentum Android is gaining in markets around the world," said Canalys VP and Principal Analyst, Chris Jones, commenting on the publication. "In the United States, for example, we have seen the largest carrier, Verizon Wireless, heavily promoting high-profile Android devices, such as the Droid by Motorola and the Droid Incredible by HTC. These products have been well received by the market, with consumers eager to download and engage with mobile applications and services, such as Internet browsing, social networking, games and navigation."

As a whole, the smartphone market grew by 64 percent annually worldwide in Q2 2010, Canalys said. In the United States, the smartphone market grew by 41 percent year-on-year, making it the largest smartphone market in the world. Of those devices, Google's Android OS nabbed a 34 percent share, making it the most used smartphone platform in the country.

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