Report: AMD's Llano Supply Woes to Continue into 2012

Pulkit Chandna

Last week, AMD announced that it was lowering its third quarter guidance owing to “32 nanometer (nm) yield, ramp and manufacturing issues at GlobalFoundries in its Dresden, Germany factory that limited supply of “Llano.’” Now Digitimes is reporting that any respite on that front seems unlikely this year.

According to the Digitimes report, which cites sources at “motherboard players,” AMD’s Llano supply woes are likely to continue for the rest of the year and spill into the next. The site’s unnamed sources don’t see the issue getting resolved anytime before the arrival of AMD’s Trinity APUs in 2012.

Although a processor roadmap, leaked just a couple of days before AMD lowered its guidance, hinted at a Q1 2012 release, the chip maker has yet to make an official announcement about the release of its Piledriver-based Trinity APUs.

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