Report: Acer Could Replace Iconia W3 as Early as September

Pulkit Chandna

Windows 8 tablet’s Twisted Nematic (TN) display reportedly to blame

Acer may have beaten other PC vendors to the 8-inch Windows 8 tablet punch with the just released Iconia W3 , but the product itself is by no means the kind of device you would want to lead the charge of a new category. It’s heavy and sports a display so bad that it reminds you why display quality, or the lack thereof, prevented touchscreen devices from truly taking off until a few years back. Now, if a Dutch site is to be believed, things could get even worse for those who just bought a W3.

The Taiwanese company, perhaps embarrassed by the $380 tablet's many shortcomings, is already said to be working on a successor. An Acer spokesperson has told that a slimmer, lighter slate with an IPS panel is on its way and will replace the W3 in September. Apparently, the W3’s truly awful Twisted Nematic display has caused a lot of resentment among retailers.

If true, this isn’t exactly great news for those who chose not to wait for the market to be flush with options and merrily succumbed to the temptation of owning an 8-inch Windows 8 tablet at the first available opportunity.

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